Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minced Meat Schnitzels

500 g mince
1 onion,grated
55 g breadcrumbs
1 egg
25 g fresh parsley,chopped finely
1,5 tsp salt
o,5 tsp ground black pepper

For breading:
1 cup of breadcrumbs
1 egg
50-100 ml milk

Put the mince,grated onion,egg,breadcrumbs & parsley into a bowl,season with salt & pepper.Mix well.
Shape ca 1-1,5 cm thick oval steaks.
Put egg & milk into one bowl,whisk it through.
Put breadcrumbs into another bowl.
Turn each steak at first in the egg & milk mixture then in the breadcrumbs.
Place them onto the plate & chill for 20 min.
Heat the oil in the pan & fry the steaks from both sides until golden brown.
Serve with boiled vegetables & white sauce:
2 tbsp flour
500 ml water
1 onion,chopped
150 ml sour cream
Fry the onions in the butter.
Mix flour with cold water until dissolved & pour over the onions,add sour cream.
Bring it to the boil for a few minutes until sauce thickens,stirring & season.

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