Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strawberry Jam Buns

Ingredients for around 16 buns
25 g butter
3 dl water
25 g of fresh yeast or 12 g of dried ones
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
450 g of white flour
Besides that you will need jam or some other filling (can be a custard or apple marmalade) & beaten egg.

Boil 150 ml of water & pour it over the butter to melt it.Add rest of the cold water.Mix fresh yeast with sugar.Add the rest of the ingredients; combine it all together until it is smooth.Cover the bowl with cling film,set aside to rise until doubled (1-1.5 hours).

Roll it into a tube and cut it into 16 pieces. Put in a baking tray leaving very little space in between.Again set it aside to rise but only for 10-15 minutes,then using a piping bag fitted with big nozzle fill the buns with jam and after that let them rise few more minutes(make sure the buns touch each others sides).Now brush egg.

Bake in 220 degrees around 20-25 minutes on bottom part of the oven..

Frankfurter Croissants

Makes 16 croissants

4 dl flour
2 dl grated cheddar cheese
2 tsp baking powder
0,5 tsp salt
50 g butter
2 dl sour cream

2 dl mozzarella cheese grated
8 frankfurters,halved

sesame seeds

Mix flour,grated cheese,baking powder & salt.Cut in pieces of butter.Add sour cream,knead into smooth dough.
Take half of the dough,roll out into fine circle.Cut out 8 triangles.Place onto the bigger part of every triangle some cheese & frankfurter & roll it up towards the narrow part.
Place croissants onto the baking paper on the baking tray,brush with egg & sprinkle over some sesame seeds.
Bake at 225C for 15 min.
Do the same with another part of the dough.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

German Pork Schnitzel

• 500 g boneless pork loin chops (thin-sliced, about 5-6 chops)
• 250 g flour
• Black pepper,salt
• 300 g plain bread crumbs
• 2 eggs, slightly beaten with a bit of milk
• 2 tablespoons butter
• 4 tablespoons olive oil
• Lemon wedges(optional)


Trim excess fat from pork chops. With a meat mallet or side of plate, pound pork chops through,scatter over both sides some salt & pepper.
Place flour in shallow dish.
Place beaten egg in another dish and bread crumbs in a third.
Turn pork chops in flour, then in egg, then in bread crumbs.
Heat pan with oil and butter over medium heat until bubbly. Don't let mixture brown.
Add chops. Fry for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes per side, or until golden brown.
Squeeze a couple of lemon wedges over chops. Serve hot with boiled potatoes & white sauce with some side salad. Makes 5 to 6 servings

Hot Oven Sandwiches

Spread the butter or mayonnaise over the white- or wholemeal bread.
Place ham,salami or frankfurters on top.
Arrange the tomato slices over,season with salt & pepper.
Sprinkle over with grated cheese.
Bake at 220C until crisp.

Black Cherry Tiramisu


6 tbsp orange liqueur (Grand Marnier)
500 g mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
250 ml fresh cream
100 g sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
ca 28 ladyfingers
300 g fresh black cherries pitted & halved
Chocolate shavings
250 ml red fruit juice for soaking

Stir the juice and 4 tablespoons of the orange liqueur in a small bowl.
Combine the mascarpone and remaining 2 tablespoons of orange liqueur in a large bowl.
Using an electric mixer, beat the cream, sugar, and vanilla in another large bowl until soft peaks form.
Using a large rubber spatula, stir 1/4 of the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture to lighten. Fold the remaining whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture.
Line the bottom of big glass serving dish with half of the soaked ladyfingers.
Spread half of the mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers, then cover with half of the fresh halved cherries.
Repeat layering with the remaining ladyfingers, mascarpone mixture and cherries. Cover and refrigerate at least 3 hours or overnight.

Scatter chocolate shavings all over..

Grapes & White Chocolate Cheesecake

4 chocolate chip cookies or digestive biscuits
500 g grapes
100 g white chocolate
250 g soft cheese
50g fresh cream
1/4 tsp cinnamon
pistachio nuts,chopped roughly

Melt the chocolate.Whisk it with cheese & cream.
Add cinnamon.
Pour the cream over the grapes.
Place cookies on bottom of the each glass.Place grape & cheese mix over.
Scatter over some chopped pistachio nuts...

Rhubarb Soup with Cheese Cream

For Soup:
2 big rhubarb stalks
600 ml water
2 tsp cornflour+1 dl cold water
2 dl sugar
For Cream:
250 g soft cheese
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp vanilla sugar
8 digestive biscuits

Chop rhubarb,boil in the water ca 7 min.Add sugar.Add cornflour+water mix.Bring it back to boil for a min.Take it off the heat,cool slightly or completely if you like.
For cream whisk well together cheese & sour cream,vanilla sugar & sugar.Break roughly the biscuits,mix with cream.
Serve in the individual dessert bowls.Pour rhubarb soup over the cream.

Pink Pastasalad

150 g grated cheddar cheese
150 g garlic salami
500 g pasta shells
3 pickled gerkins
3 carrots
2 dl sour cream
3 tbsp tomato puree

Boil pasta & carrots.
Chop salami,gerkins,carrots.
Stir together sour cream & tomato puree.Season.
Mix everything.
Sprinkle on top some extra grated cheese & chopped parsley

Grapes & Apples Crumble Cake

500 g flour
200 g sugar
250 g butter
2 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
For filling:
ca 800 g apples
200 g seedless grapes
50 g sugar
100 g pecan nuts

Mix all dry ingredients,pieces of butter.Work it all together with your fingertips,until crumbly texture forms.
Slice apples.
Place 2/3 of the crumble mix over the prepared big baking tray.
Place apples & grapes on to the top.Sprinkle over with sugar & cinnamon.
Cover the cake with the rest of the crumble.Scatter over pecans.
Bake in the preheated oven at 200C for 40 min or until golden brown.

Frankfurter Soup

4-5 potatoes
2 carrots
0,5 cup frozen peas
cup of pasta shells
300 g frankfurters
slice of butter
1 onion
2 l chicken or vegetable stock
Chop potatoes,carrots,onions as you like.Slice frankfurters.
Bring the stock to the boil,add carrots,after few minutes add potatoes,pasta,peas.
Let it simmer on low heat,add more water if needed.
Fry onions & frankfurters with butter,until browned.Stir into the soup,get it back to simmer,season.soup is ready when pasta & potatoes are ready.
Take soup off the heat,sprinkle parsley over.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Roasted Tomato Salad

250 g cherry tomatoes,halved
100-200 ml sour cream
30 g butter
salt,black pepper
Fry tomatoes on hot pan,season with salt & pepper.Add butter.Mix it through,take off the heat.
Pour in the sour cream as much as you like,sprinkle fresh dill on to the top.
Serve with rice or boiled potatoes & white fish..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cowslip Cake

5 eggs
200 g sugar
pinch of salt
150 g butter
250 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1-2 handfuls of cowslips

Whisk eggs with sugar & salt until strong foam forms.
Quickly mix in the flour mixed with baking powder,melted butter & cowslip flowers.
Pour the mix into the buttered loaf pan & bake at 200C for ca 30 min.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baked Cheesecake

Big baking tray full of cake...
500g flour
200 g butter
200 g sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. baking powder

350 g soft cheese
50 g sugar
3 eggs
50 g cornflour
200 fresh cream
120 g sour cream
50 g lemon juice,grated lemon rind
2 tsp vanilla sugar
raisins as much as you like..

Whisk butter with sugar,add eggs,continue whisking.
Mix in flour & baking powder.
Place the dough onto the prepared baking tray bottom & sides(use baking paper).Chill in the fridge until you make the filling:
Whisk together fresh cream,sour cream & soft cheese,until you get smooth texture.
Add eggs,lemon rind & juice.Add all dry ingredients.
At last mix in whisked fresh cream.
Pour the filling over the base,scatter raisins all over.
You can brush the top with whisked egg to get really glossy look.
Bake the cake in the preheated oven(bottom of the oven) at 175C for 60 min.Make sure the top of the cake wont burn.
Cool.Take it out of the baking tray.


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