Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fanta Orange Marmalade with Chocolate

1 kg marmalade oranges,peeled & cut roughly
250 ml sugar
500 ml Fanta
50 g chocolate
peel of half of orange & lemon,sliced very finely

Boil oranges in the Fanta until soft & mushy.
Press them through the sieve.
Put back into the saucepan along with citrus peels & sugar.Boil fast ca 20 min.
Wash 3 x 250 ml jars & rinse. Place jars on  to a baking tray and heat them in a 200C oven.
You can check if marmelade is ready by dropping a bit on to the cooled plate,if marmalade sets,its ready.
Pour the hot marmalade  into the jars,let cool a bit & stir in the chocolate bits.
Close the leads tightly.

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