Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egg & Bacon Buns

400 g flour
25 g fresh yeast or 7 g dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
30 g butter
250 ml water

For the filling:
200 g smoked streaky bacon,cut into pieces
1 big onion,chopped
4 boiled eggs
Fry the bacon with onions.
Mix in the chopped boiled eggs.

Make dough.If using dry yeast then follow the instructions on the package.
If using fresh yeast:
Boil half of the water & pour it over the butter,mix until completely melted.
Add the rest of the cold water,you should get lukewarm mixture.
Add flour & salt.
Melt the yeast with sugar & mix everything together.
Knead for 5 min or until dough starts to come off the hands & bowl. Sprinkle over little flour & leave to stand in warm place,covered with cling film or clean towel for 40 min or until its doubled in size.
Roll the dough out on the floured surface into the 40x40 cm square.
Spread over some mayonnaise.
Cover evenly with filling.
Roll it up into a big sausage.Cut into 8 pieces.
Place the buns onto the prepared baking tray,cut side down.
Cover with clean towel & leave to rise for 30-40 min.
Brush with egg & bake at 200C for 20-25 min or until lovely & golden .


Evan O'C said...

Bacon and egg flavoured bread. Awesome. Really, really love your blog by the way!

Jaana said...

Thank you,Evan:)these are one of my favorite inventions!


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