Sunday, November 8, 2009

Truffle Chocolate Bites

110 g dark chocolate
175 d icing sugar
175 g ground almonds
1 egg white,lightly beaten
For decoration:
175 g dark chocolate
175 g white chocolate

Melt 110 g dark chocolate using the bain-marie.Stir in the icing sugar,ground almonds & egg white to make a paste.Knead briefly.
Take walnut sized pieces of paste(keeping the rest in the plastic as you work) & mold into balls.
Melt white & dark chocolate in separate bain-maries .Cool 5 min.
Put truffle into one of the bowls,turn with fork,lift out on to the greaseproof paper.Coat one
half of the balls with white chocolate & another half in the dark chocolate.
Drizzle the rest of the chocolate over the contrasting truffles.
Leave to set in room temperature.

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