Monday, November 23, 2009


6 egg whites
400 g caster sugar
vanilla powder or lemon sugar
Beat the egg whites on a slightly slower speed at first in a very clean bowl ca 30 sec.Turn mixer on to the high speed & gradually add sugar & vanilla or lemon sugar.Whisk until meringue is super stiff(if you turn bowl upside down meringue doesn't fall out).
Place the baking paper on to the bottom of the three baking trays(hopefully you can get them all into the oven in one go or otherwise make less).
Using a pastry bag pipe the meringue in small balls (from given amount you get ca 60 )onto the baking trays & bake at 75 C for 3 h.
Turn off the heat & let them dry in the oven.Meringues are crisp & ready when they come off from the baking paper easily.

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