Tuesday, October 6, 2009


175g flour
6 eggs, at room temperature
150g caster sugar
55g butter,melted

Chocolate icing
500g icing sugar
40g cocoa powder
75g butter,melted
85ml boiling water
splash of grand marnier

250g desiccated coconut

MethodPreheat oven to 180°C. Brush a 19 x 29cm cake tin with melted butter & line the base with baking paper.

Place eggs and sugar over gently simmering water & whisk until thick & pale.

Remove from the heat & sift in the flour.Fold in the melted butter.Pour into the prepared tin& bake for 35-40 min.,until golden.

Cool in the tin 2-3 min,turn out onto the wire rack to cool.Cut into ca 20 squares,trim the edges.

Sift together icing sugar & cocoa powder & stir in the water & butter,mix until smooth.Add splash of grand marnier or brandy for taste.

Use 2 forks to dip 1 cake square into the warm icing to evenly coat. Allow any excess icing to drip off. Use your fingers to roll the cake in the coconut to evenly coat, then place on a wire rack. Repeat with the remaining cake squares.

Leave to set.

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