Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elderflower Syrup

100 elderflower heads
5 kg sugar
8-10 lemons,washed
5 l water
2-3 tbsp citric acid

Place the elderflower heads,sliced lemons & citric acid in a bowl & mix.
Boil the water & sugar until sugar is completely dissolved.
Take the syrup off the heat & pour over the flowers.
Cover the bowl & let it stand in cool place for 5 days.
Wash & sterilize the bottles.
Strain it through a fine-meshed sieve lined with cheesecloth & bottle the elderflower syrup.
Stores in the cool place for months.

To serve, add a small quantity to a jug with some fresh lemon juice. Serve chilled with ice cubes and slices of lemon. Very refreshing in summer.

Excellent remedy for colds, flu and feverish symptoms.Make a drink with hot water & lemon or ginger..
Good for purifying the blood..
Also can be used as a de-tox, to build the immune system by clearing toxins through the lymph glands.
Relieves the symptoms of allergies to pollens etc;reduces the effects of sinusitis.
More about Elderflower benefits can be found here:

1 comment:

Rhyleysgranny said...

I have never made Elderflower syrup. How amazing it has all those uses. The elders in my garden are in full bloom at the moment too.


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