Thursday, July 28, 2011

White Chocolate & Raspberry Sundae with Meringues

200 ml fresh cream
200 g white chocolate
juice of the half lemon
vanilla ice cream
100 g meringues
~400 g raspberries

Bring the cream to boil,take off the heat & add the chopped chocolate,let stand for 1 minute and then stir until completely smooth.Squeeze in the lemon juice.
Warm vanilla ice cream in its container until just easy to scoop.
Fill 4 sundae dishes with two of ice cream scoops.
Scatter raspberries onto the ice cream & meringues on top.
Drizzle white-chocolate sauce over sundaes and garnish with raspberries.

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Tara @ the pleased plate said...

I found your site on and love it! Your format is simple and easy to follow with beautiful photos. I look forward to seeing all that you create!


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