Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

1 l vanilla ice cream
~300 g raspberries
~0,5 can of caramel condensed milk
300 g chocolate chip cookies
50 g butter
Let the ice cream to soften.
Crush the cookies & mix with melted butter.
Line the 30x20 cm baking tin with baking paper & press the cookie mix over the base,chill ca 15 min.
Smooth the softened ice cream over the biscuit base,drizzle with caramel condensed milk.
Scatter over the raspberries,press them slightly into the ice cream.
Freeze for a few hours.
Before you cut the cake,let it soften for ca 15 min.
Serve with raspberry sauce.



Kristin said...

I've just added all these ingredients to my shopping list, can't wait to give it a try!

dan said...

Your recipe brings a smile to my face and a growl to my stomach.

Coco said...

Gorgeous & easy!


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