Monday, June 3, 2013


1 handful of sorrel (find it here),chopped
4 boiled potatoes,sliced
4 eggs
150 ml milk(you can combine it with sour cream or natural yogurt)
1 small red paprika,chopped or sliced
half onion,chopped finely
4 tbsp flour
0,5 tsp salt

Heat the pan (about 25 cm diameter)on the medium heat.Add a good knob of butter.
Arrange the sliced potatoes over the bottom,cook until golden brown then turn around.
Mix everything else,season,pour over the potatoes.Cover & cook about 10 min or until you can see it starts to turn crisp on the bottom.
Now place it under the grill (uncovered) until ready.
Serve with fresh salad & mayonnaise.

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